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Marina Orozco designer chaussures, footwear designer

my first home-made sandals


I was born on a hot summer Wednesday in Barcelona, just before the holidays.


My parents are Spanish. I have been living in Paris for more than 16 years and I hardly have an accent anymore.


Even as a child, I used to build a lot of objects and let my creativity run wild. I remember the elation of playing with my first cardboard car. I studied fashion and, curious as I am, I researched and received training in many fields: leather goods, lingerie, millinery, silk painting...


But shoes are definitely my passion. As a teenager, I invested all my pocket money in buying shoes, each one crazier than the previous one.


During my studies, I soon realized that I liked creating them even more than wearing them!

You can see my other résumé, the more conventional one, here.

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