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_Analysis and

·  Sales results

·  Trends and competitors

·  Market opportunities research

_Collection and
  product strategy

·  Brand identity development and signature research

·  Product/price positioning

·  Definition of the collection plan (segments, number of lines, models, SKUs, repeat vs. new)

·  Optimization of the offer (structures, forms, versions)

·  Commercial declinations



·  Inspiration research and collection concepts

·  Proposal of themes

·  Elaboration of moodboards and color cards


·  Illustration and technical drawings

·  Definition of lasts, soles and heels

·  Technical drawings of ornaments and metal hardware

·  Design of embroideries and prints

·  Realization of mock ups

·  Rendering and coloring of styles



·  Sourcing materials and components

·  Drafting of technical sheets

·  Fittings and corrections

_Timing and quality

·  Elaboration and follow-up of a planning

·  Product/price positioning

·  Relation and follow-up with suppliers and      manufacturers of prototypes and samples

·  Respect of target prices and budget monitoring

·  Ensuring that the fit, comfort and quality are respected

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