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Claire Baeza, chef de produit chaussures, responsable collection chaussures, développement

my first visual merch


I was born on a Friday in Paris, in springtime.


My mother is French, my father Spanish... hence my lovely Andalusian accent.


Seville is the city where I spent my best childhood holidays, and the cradle of my family's shoe business. My uncle used to take me to visit shoe factories, wonderful places for curious kids. And my aunt would let me play salesgirl in her stores.


I spent part of my teenage years accompanying my cousin to trade shows. I loved getting lost in the booths, fascinated by the variety of styles.


The first time I put on a pair of pumps, I fell hopelessly in love with shoes. My motto is "Find the right shoe".


You can see my other résumé, the more conventional one, here.

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